Meet Heather

Registered Psychotherapist & Trauma Recovery Specialist


Heather Kent is a Registered Psychotherapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor from Nova Scotia, Canada. She is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling books, I Left My Toxic Relationship – Now What? and Heal From Your Narcissist Ex, which use elements of her own story intertwined with clinically proven therapy modalities. Surviving an abusive relationship herself, as well as having witnessed the PTSD of several of her students from inner-city communities where she previously taught, Heather decided to change her career path and began her training in psychology, focusing on trauma assessment and treatment of PTSD. Her goal is to help people move past feelings of shame, brokenness, and paralyzing fear through her integrative therapeutic approach to counselling, ultimately empowering her clients to live well.

Through her therapy programs, Heather has had the privilege to observe the empowerment process with her local, national, and international clients, through which they rediscover their voice, find self-compassion, and learn to set healthy boundaries in their personal lives.

In addition to her therapy programs, Heather also speaks to organizations concerned about decreased productivity and employee engagement advising them on ways to empower their workforce to create safe spaces where everyone can thrive.

Heather offers services in English, French, and Spanish.