Work and Academic Stress

We spend a significant portion of our lives either in school or working, and even if we enjoy our jobs, these environments can often produce stressful situations that compound the “regular” stress in our lives. While stress is a common experience, the stress we experience in these settings can sometimes become overwhelming, interfering with our ability to be productive and enjoy what we are doing.

This is why people often come to us for help with a range of issues, including:

  • Procrastination, difficulty with motivation and completing tasks
  • Difficulty asserting oneself with people in positions of power
  • Struggles with finding work-life balance
  • Poor physical health, such as irritable bowel syndrome or heart issues, related to workplace stress
  • Coping with stress through drug or alcohol use
  • Constant conflict with others
  • Difficulty setting boundaries around workload and feeling overworked
  • Feeling a lack of joy or control over the work assigned
  • Dealing with a toxic work environment
Image of young caucasian woman at desk in front of laptop with head leaning against her hands, illustrating the concept that stress from work can compound the "regular" stress we experience in life.

By addressing these issues and learning healthy coping mechanisms, individuals can better manage stress and improve their overall well-being, both in their personal and professional lives.